Our History

Kinston High School is home to approximately 900 students and 80 faculty members. It is part of the Lenoir County Public Schools district. Kinston High School opened in 1970 with the consolidation and integration of Grainger High and Adkin High schools. The class of 1971 was the first class to graduate from the consolidated school. Kinston High School remained at the site of Grainger High School until January of 1979. It was then moved to the current 77 acre campus located at 2601 North Queen Street. The first class to graduate from the current school complex was the class of 1979. Kinston High School was originally a 10-12th grade school, the 9th grade class was added to the campus during the 1987-1988 school year.

The current facility is a landmark for the Kinston and Lenoir County community. It is a source of pride for students, parents, and the community at large. Kinston High School provides an outstanding environment for instruction, student services, and co-curricula activities.

Our Mission Statement

Kinston High School’s mission is to graduate students who are academically and socially prepared to function as productive members in a global community by providing challenging curriculum and opportunities to develop their talents and skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Belief Statements

  • Every student has value and can learn.
  • Education is the collective responsibility of all stakeholders including parents, students, staff and community members.
  • School attendance , participation and involvement in extracurricular activities promote student achievement.
  • An effective school provides rigor and challenges to all students.
  • Professional growth of school personnel contributes to effective learning.
  • Diversity promotes and broadens understanding.
  • A safe school is essential to learning.

Our Vision Statement

Kinston High School is committed to creating a challenging, productive and safe environment where students work together with staff and the community and strive to be competitive 21st century learners.